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How much is my diamond worth?

This is the single most important question when you are considering selling a piece of diamond jewellery.


The value of a diamond is primarily determined by its 4C's:

CARAT: what is the diamond carat weight  - COLOUR: does the diamond look brilliant white/clear, or grey/yellow

CLARITY: does the diamond have ‘inclusions’  - CUT: how well does a diamond reflect light?


Once these four factors are known, we can determine how much your diamond is worth. Read more about

the diamond grades used by the diamond trade to evaluate a diamond here


What do you mean by 'consumer recycled' diamonds?

A 'consumer recycled' diamond is one that has been previously set into a ring or piece of jewellery....more

Why are your diamonds so cheap compared to others?

We prefer to say ' our diamonds offer great value for money'! - because we deal in 'consumer-recycled' diamond rings,they're classed as 'second-hand' so we can sell them cheaper. We completely refurbish and guarantee every diamond - they're as good as new - but a fraction of the price!  Why? - because the original overhead costs, retailer profit and vat have been written off - you're buying a guaranteed, certified diamond without the expensive add-ons


Do you charge Buyer Commission?

No, we don't - the price you see is the price you pay - simple!


How do you assess & verify diamonds offered for sale?

Every diamond we sell has been assessed, tested and verified using several Internationally recognised specialised diamond testing machines in our in-house laboratory. We also use the services of several independant diamond grading laboratories such as Anchorcert in UK, and GIA in America


How quickly do I get paid?

If you accept our cash offer to purchase your diamond, we will proceed to pay you immediately by whichever method you choose – cheque, inter-bank transfer, or cash.

If you opt for our diamond consignment service, payment will occur when a sale of your diamond is completed.


Is my diamond safe with you on consignment?

Yes – your diamond is clearly marked/tagged with a unique number and is stored in our banker’s grade safes under high security cctv. All items are fully insured.


How long will my diamond take to sell?

We expect 80% of diamonds to sell well before a 120-day period ends. Those that don’t sell in the first 120-day period  are entered into a further 120-day sales period.

Remember, a good quality diamond at a competetive price will sell average quality diamond at a high price will take longer to sell.

Our diamond experts will offer you their best opinion on how to price your diamond.


I want to sell quickly - will you purchase my diamond?

Yes – we can assess and value your diamond and make a cash-purchase offer. If you accept our offer we pay immediately


Do you take diamonds in Part-Exchange?

Yes - we do. Please give us a call to discuss - 0845 319 5888


If I change my mind, can I get my diamond back from consignment ?

Yes – of course. All we ask is that you pay for any agreed costs that have been incurred (such as diamond grading report). All our marketing costs are free.


Is my diamond insured whilst on consignment?

Yes – our comprehensive jewellers insurance policy is with Lloyds of London.(please see our terms & conditions for details)


Will you take the diamond out of my ring?

We will not remove the diamond from its setting for the inspection.  If your diamond is currently set into a ring or other piece of jewellery, it will be inspected by our diamond expert in the setting.  

If , with your prior written agreement, we agree that your diamond will benefit from being sent for laboratory certification, then we will ask permission to remove the diamond from its setting.

Should you decide not to accept our offer to sell us your diamond, your diamond jewellery will be returned to you in its original condition


How do you value my diamond?

We use several internationally recognised testing methods to assess, grade and value your diamond.

In certain circumstances and only with your permission, we may request that we send your diamond for testing and verification to a third party diamond grading laboratory.


Do you buy gold jewellery?

Yes we do – we pay top market prices for gold, silver and platinum