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Consign Your Diamond to us for Commission Sale

If your diamond is suitable, we can offer to list your diamond and sell it for you


We act as your 'selling agent' and take a pre-agreed commission only when your diamond sells


Think of us as your 'diamond estate-agent'  - no sale, no fee!


We use our professional services, marketing expertise and diamond trade contacts worldwide to ensure that you get a satisfactory sale price which will be higher than a cash-purchase price


To enquire about this exclusive service, please contact us

0845 472 5640

GIA logo .we offer diamonds graded by GIA is part of UKDiamond Centre Ltd, a UK registered Company


We are members of the exclusive International Diamond Trading Network, Rapnet


We are one of very few UK Companies registered with GIA in America - in some cases, we may suggest that a diamond be submitted for assessment and grading at GIA. This can significantly increase it's value and saleability


As manufacturers, we offer a full remodelling service -  a diamond can be reset into a brand-new ring if required


We handle all aspects of a sale, including grading & certification, marketing,  part-exchange, remodelling, export & payments

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