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Our Guide to Selling your Diamond  for Cash

This guide is intended to give you an idea of how we, as trade buyers, arrive at our cash-offer value for your diamond. Please take a few minutes to read this guide so that you can feel confident that you are making the right decision.


Most people purchase diamonds from trusted retail jewellers who offer choice and service.


However, most buyers of diamonds are going to offer you a lot less than you paid and definitely much less than the diamond’s insurance valuation.


For example, if you paid £5000 for a diamond at a retail jeweller, you can expect to receive about £1000 - £1250 when you sell your diamond...............from us or any other professional buyer.


In fact, in the current market, most diamond buyers and pawnbrokers will offer as little as £500 - £750

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How do we arrive at these numbers?


When you buy a diamond from a retail jeweller, you're buying a stone that has passed through many hands: miners, cutters, distributors, brokers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and finally the retailer.


During this journey, the diamond's price increases at each level as the middlemen add their normal profit margin.


Yes, that £5,000 diamond in your local jeweller was originally sold to a distributor for much less, who sold to a broker who made his 10% commission, who sold to a wholesaler who added her 10% profit, who sold to a retailer for the going wholesale price


Retail jewellers have to cover their overheads (paying staff, rent insurance, etc.),and they have to charge VAT, currently 20%,  so in the end you pay £5,000 when you buy the diamond............................................................that's how the diamond jewellery retail chain works

Now let's see what happens when you come to sell a diamond.....


It’s becoming clear now how the ‘value added’ accumulates on the original 'core-value' price of your diamond...................and it’s this ‘core-value’ of the diamond that we are interested in purchasing.


We have to structure our offer to buy your diamond on internationally recognised inter-dealer diamond prices – and as professional diamond buyers, we have to offer you about 10% - 15%  less than this inter-dealer broker price. is backed by one of the UK’s largest, most respected fine jeweller importers and manufacturers.


We have a network of international diamond brokers and dealers who constantly demand diamonds of every shape and size from us for their clients.


This network of demand means that we can confidently offer to purchase your diamond at the best possible trade dealer price


We hope that this guide is useful to you – and we hope that you consider selling your diamond to


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